Excuses I Have Received for Date Cancellations:

-My car broke down and I’m stuck at work

-I forgot I have to take my niece to the fair

-I’ve met someone and I want to see where it goes

-I double booked myself, I have to go to a table gaming birthday party

-I had to take my dog to the emergency vet and now I have to keep an eye on him

-I’m at my friend’s BBQ

-YOU never confirmed so I made other plans

-My tummy hurts (very popular)

-It won’t be sunny

-I’m a boring person and I don’t know what to do

-I can’t make it (no explanation)

The worst part about these excuses is that they often come when I message to confirm. As in: “Hey we’re still on for Odd Fellows at 8 right?” “I can’t, my tummy hurts.” Um…feel free to tell me that BEFORE I message you to confirm. What if I would’ve just shown up?!?! Younger women (I’m 33) tend to give more excuses, but this is not universal.


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