Crazy Stats I Learned Today

Historically Seattle is drier than Phoenix in July. (Source: Cliff Mas Weather Blog)

There are 1,200 train deaths in Europe annually. (Source Yahoo! News via the Associated Press)

It takes 60% of the U.S. bee population to pollinate California almonds and 80% of the world’s almonds come from California. (Source: Quartz)

Every 15 seconds the sun strikes the earth with enough energy to power the world for an entire day. Also, Moore’s Law appears to hold for solar cell prices. (Source: Scientific American Blog)

Oh, and 56 Up is now available on Netflix. (Source: My friend James)


Is there an Arbitrage Opportunity by Combining ZipCar and Lyft?

ZipCars rent for less than $10/ hour after tax. The Lyft FB ad says drivers make up to $23. That’s a max spread of $13. You probably can’t work 8 hours a day so it would have to be part-time “employment.” There is also the opportunity cost of forgoing the salary of a “real” job, but the search and transaction costs may be significantly lower using this arbitrage scheme, at least in the short term. Plus, the schedule is pretty flexible. Opportunity cost diminishes as one’s potential productivity declines, so for some relatively low-skilled workers with clean driving records this may be a viable part-time job. It may require a small bribe to get Lyft to approve of ZipCar use, however.