Is it Self-Inconsistant to Fear Climate Change and the Use of GMOs?

Probably. Although consistency is the most overrated virtue.

Consider that if you believe in climate change it is probably because you are “listening to the scientists.” Why, then, do you ignore them when it comes to their belief that GMOs are, on net, beneficial? Your response is likely that scientists disagree about GMO use. However, this is simply mood affiliation, scientists don’t universally agree on climate change either. I could list the many prominent organization that recommend using GMOs — many of the same organizations that have helped inform your opinon about climate change — but I doubt this would help.

However, as I said at the outset self-consistency is overrated. Anyone who has ever broken up with someone and later been jealous when they started dating someone new is self-inconsistent. Which is to say, human. The danger is self-inconsistency mixed with self-deception. Honesty is an underused method of avoiding logical entanglements.


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