I very much enjoyed this essay on Analytical Marxism. And geographer David Harvey gives a Marxist perspective of the Great Recession.

The best essay I have read on epistemic humility. Epistemic humility is just like regular humility, but you get to sound (and feel) like a douchebag when you say it.

I will certainly be purchasing some of these kitchenwares recommended by Megan Mcardle. And here she defends kitchen gadgets in general. This is the best line and thesis of the work: “There’s no particular reason to assume that we have reached some sort of technological plateau where the things that we happen to do by hand right now represent the best possible methods for accomplishing those tasks.”

Virginia Postrel on innovation. Here is her thesis:

He [Bruce Gibney] forgets just how exotic airplane travel was for the typical TV viewer in 1966, when “Star Trek” debuted. Today’s cheap and easily booked flights let a lot more people fly. That means the average speed at which someone travels over a lifetime can increase even if, as Thiel laments, the fastest vehicle on the planet is no faster than it was decades ago. Making an impressive technology widely available isn’t as glamorous as pushing the technological frontier, but it represents significant, real-life progress.

Also check out her 2006 interview with EconTalk’s Russ Roberts if you have not yet listened to it.

WSJ’s Week in Ideas. Of particular interest was this line: “A study finds that fathers play a key role in transmitting dental fears to their kids—at least in Spain.” And this: “Every year, about 10% of top-level college-football teams fire their coaches because of poor performance and then wait for the wins to start coming in. A new study’s message: Don’t hold your breath.”


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