Not sure what to think about this:

“At a terminal being renovated here at Love Field, contractors are installing 500 high-definition security cameras sharp enough to read an auto license plate or a logo on a shirt.

The goal is for fliers to move almost non-stop through security from the curb to the gate, in contrast to repeated security stops and logjams at checkpoints.

After checking their luggage, passengers would identify themselves not with driver’s licenses and paper boarding passes, but by scanning fingerprints or irises to prove they have an electronic ticket.

Passengers would walk with their carry-ons through a screening tunnel, where they’d undergo electronic scrutiny — replacing what now happens at as many as three different stops as they’re scanned for metal objects, non-metallic items and explosives.”

The Infiniti LE Concept looks pretty cool.

“The LE concept showcases a wireless inductive charging system, similar to that used by some cell phones. The car’s battery pack can be recharged by parking over a charging pad embedded in the garage floor. The concept car also uses Nissan’s Around View Monitor, electric power steering and self-parking technology to automatically align the car with the charging pad.”

This is a pretty big fish.

America revealed. (HT: CARPE DIEM)


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