Matt Damon!!!

Ever since I gave Matt Damon janitorial lessons on the set of Goodwill Hunting he and I have been the closest of friends.  Which is why I see every movie he makes, in 3-D when possible.  But then this happened…

Spoiler Alert:

What this preview fails to mention is that this movie is really about angels running around in magic hats that transform ordinary doors into wormhole-stlye portals linking various parts of New York City.  If that sounds like a bad plot for a movie, that’s because it is.  The writing is bad, the only-you-can-make-your-own-destiny narrative is something out of a made-for-TV Disney movie starring Frankie Muniz, and the acting is mediocre.  I’ve already talked to Matt about this film and apparently—and I could only think of Bowfinger when I heard this—he swears the director told him that he was making Borne Identity 4 (aka Taken 2).

Luckily, if you want to watch a movie about freewill vs. predestination, angels, and love, the much better (in every possible way) Defending Your Life is free on Youtube:


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